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That One Dude And His Shark Roommate
“Shark Bites” is a comedy TV pilot about male friendships and that point in your mid-twenties when you’re finally supposed to be an “adult.” When our hero, Alex, holds roommate interviews to replace his best friend, a tiny hipster shark rolls in thinking he’s already got the spot. Both in need of friends and too proud to admit it, the guys are forced to make it work as they fumble from one misadventure to the next. Set in the hipster scene of Los Angeles, Shark Bites asks the question: “What does it actually mean to grow up?” But like its fun-loving heroes, it procrastinates getting to the answer. Starting in 2012, the project also includes a comic book, web-series, iTunes single, clothing and accessories, and much more. Created by Alex Backes, Cody Williams and Neel Upadhye.
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